Bring Life to Your Meetings

Alattis is the live video platform that empowers natural social interaction.

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Empower natural discussion through a variety of innovative meeting formats

Table Groups

Learn or collaborate in groups

The Table Groups format mimics the layout of a classroom or co-working space, allowing you to assemble your class or team into small groups while being able to manage everyone from one place.

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Meeting Analytics

Learn about your meetings

Alattis gives you access to ground breaking data to understand how you can improve your meeting environment.

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Organizations and Teams

Make Meetings Easy

Alattis is designed to make managing your members and guests possible without a headache.

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How can Alattis work for you?

Make hybrid learning work for you

Alattis Nexus hardware

Alattis hardware integrates with our software to create an unmatched hybrid experience.

What people are saying

"I was blown away by the usefulness of the program. They really listened to the needs of the teachers and the students."
- Nella Landau, Vice Principal at Mission Bay High
"Alattis made me realize that distance learning doesn’t have to be boring. Using Alattis, I could actually pay attention for the first time in a while."
- Evan Ortega, Student at Tierra Del Sol Middle School
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